ACG Mountain-Fly 2 Gore-tex


Men's Shoes HF6245-400
Fast, rugged and just as at home in the city as it is in the deserts, canyons and mountains. The Mountain Fly 2's lightweight design is super durable and helps keep the grind out. The sticky rubber outsole brings crag-inspired traction, while soft foam delivers undisputed comfort. Plus, GORE-TEX details keep your feet dry and ready for the next adventure.

Toggle laces let you easily adjust your fit.
GORE-TEX is placed along the upper to help keep your feet dry.
Inspired by mountain bike tires, crag-like traction is redesigned to help improve durability.
Sticky rubber outsole has large lugs that wrap up the toe for durable traction as you transition from the city to the trails.

Shoe Size 8
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